Building a powerhouse of

Digital Doers


Äleven is a one-stop-shop in your journey to improve your digital business.

Here to help

Whether you need help understanding your fit on a digital market or hands-on implementations to improve an already existing digital business.

Eyes on the prize

We focus on improving the experience for your customers, from how you attract them to how you make sure they stay customers for a long time to come, and all the steps in between.

This is not our first rodeo!

The team consists of skilled commercial experts and group builders. One thing we all have in common is that we have built companies from the ground and up, we know the pain points of growing and the benefit of help to get there. That is why we started Äleven.

Kamjar Hajabdolahi  |  Saeid Esmaeilzadeh  |  Mikael Borg  |  Philip Ghatan  |  Erik Gunnarsson

Hey Karen, wanna talk to a manager?

Philip Ghatan  |  Founder and partner

Philip realizes the growth of the group, both by assisting our brands in their expansion plans but also adding new brands to the constellation. He has a background as business developer and entrepreneur, and for the last years he has been busy acquiring companies and helping them grow.

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We do this because we love to help businesses grow, together with our brands and entrepreneurs we challenge each other to deliver even better value for our customers

Äleven is a group of digital doers based in the Nordics.

We are well aware that “digital doers” is a vague term and that is why we have tried to map the areas we excel in below

Digital strategy

Creating a digital strategy or updating your current strategy and actively getting you on the road to achieve your goals


We are a group of creative minds that can help you with your digital journey including: Copy, Content, Design, and UI


We do not believe that implementing a CRM system in your process is all that it takes to succeed, we believe that a more customer centric business modell is needed. We can help you create an even better customer experience


Wether it is a product or a service we can help you reach your customer online and offline

Data / BI

With the vast amount of data available today we can help you make smarter decisions at a higher pace 

Tech / Devs

Behind every successful piece of code there is a (team of) skilled developer, we can be that team for you!

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Building a powerhouse of Digital Doers